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Filked information
Version: 1.0 Virre Annergård

I listened to some music as I was waiting for the lift up time for Sweden's first astronaut. First I filked a Swedish text, then this come and GNUbaya is just to much there.

This text was entered using GNU Emacs. No people or animals were hurt in making this song and only GNU software was used.

GNUmbaya my system GNUbaya
GNUmbaya my system GNUbaya
GNUmbaya my system GNUbaya
oh system GNUbaya

someone coding system, GNUbaya
someone coding system, GNUbaya
someone coding system, GNUbaya
oh system GNUbaya

GNUmbaya my system GNUbaya
GNUmbaya my system GNUbaya
GNUmbaya my system GNUbaya
oh system GNUbaya

someones surfing system, GNUbaya
someones surfing system, GNUbaya
someones surfing system, GNUbaya
oh system GNUbaya

GNUbaya my system GNUbaya
GNUbaya my system GNUbaya
GNUbaya my system GNUbaya
oh system GNUbaya

Walk on the Free Side

Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed
Filk information
Version 1.0 Virre Annergård

So this one is quite easy to do actually. Oh and we got space lift up as I was creating this.

Holly lives in Miami, FLA
Surfed through the net
Plucked his system free
installed GNU/Linux
then he was free

she said hey babe
take a walk on the free side
said hey honey
take a walk on the free side

Candy came from out on the island
in the chat-room she was everybody's darling
but she never lost connect even
when she was sharing connect

she says hey babe
take a walk on the free side
said hey babe
take a walk on the free side

and the soundcard goes:


Little Joe never once buyed
every software at no cost
a GNU there a GNU here
New York city is the place
where they say:

Hey babe
take a walk on the free side
Hey you
take a walk on the free side

Sugarpump fairy
came and hit FTP
looking for
GNU/Linux and GCC
went to GNU.org
should see him
compile and compile

They said hey sugar
take a walk on the free side
I said hey sugar
take a walk on the free side

Jackie is just hacking away
Knows she's good
thought she was Turing for a day
slashdot would have helped that crash

Said hey babe
take a walk on the free side
said hey honey
take a walk on the free side


Hackers lär av historien — Hackers learn by History

Lär av historien by Knutna Nävar
Filk information
Version 0.1 Virre Annergård

First a Swedish text than followed with a bad translation to English. The original is a really horrible communist text that among other things says that Stalin was good. I do not agree to this, quite the opposite. Some other notes, I'm certanly not good enough to call myself a hacker but I might have put some text that would imply that. Also this is made jokingly, I saw “Revolution OS” where RMS made that in the 60's political movments splits everybody get freaking mad at each other but the Free Software against Open Source conflict is only about philosophy and words, both sides can and do work together. (Mind you the way Linus seemed to use his kids when RMS got the price named after Linus (and RMS mentioned the strangeness of that) seemed quite that way of acting, but I guess that was unintentional).

Ah well have share and enjoy!

(oh and fix, language and propagate in a GNU way)


1996 svepte en våg av fri mjukvara över nätet hackers och andra gick spontant i kamp för friare mjukvara, bättre mjukvarulicenser detta blottade bristerna i frimjukvaru rörelsen många i ledande ställning ville tona ner propagandan för en fullständig förändring till fri mjukvara de förla för det spontanta, de omedvetna i hackers kamp Frimjukvaru rörelsen splitrades i en komersiel och en revulotionär del i FSF där F står för Frihet inser man att det är hackers uppgift att lyfta, förändra den omedvetna och spontana kampen till en medveten organiserad kamp för den helt fria mjukvaran. Inom FSF ses inte splitringen som något dåligt i sig själv tvärtom splitringen var bra och nödvändig för att ena hackers på en frihetlig grund, precis som 8086-arkitekturen stärktes under Torvalds precis som AI-labbet stärktes under RMS genom kampen mot Frihetsmotståndare precis så kommer dagens nätbaserad frihetsrörelse stärkas genom kampen mot det komersiella inflytandet

ref: Det lär oss, lär oss, det lär oss historien * 3

Därför har vi skrivit den här sången
När frihetskampen flammade upp
Och ropet vild spridning spontant bröt fram
började delar av rörelsens ledning att vackla
och kakla om företags vänligare licenser likt yra höns
skrivbordshackers blir rädda då frihetskampen skärps


Vi läste Knuth och RMS
och angrep komersialisternas reformism
vi valde den skoningslösa kampens väg
och enhet på hacker etikens grund
vi handlade som hackers ska handla
då frihetskampen skärps


Nu sedan vi gjort oss kvitt
småkommersialisterna som skriver Open Source
kan hackers börja bygga rörelsen
som är deras historiska uppgift och plikt
småkomersialister och reformister kan
aldrig bygga rörelsen


splitringen var en bra sak
vi rensade bort de som hindrade
rörelsens icke-komersiella utveckling
vi står starkare idag en någonsin förr
rörelsen stärks av kampen emot frihetsavikelser


1996 a wave of free software propagated the net hackers and others spontaneously struggled for freer software and better software licenses that showed the bugs in the freesoftware moment. Many in leading positions wanted to tune down the propagande for a full convertion to free software. They gave up the spontane, the unconscious in the hacker struggle. The freesoftware movement forked in one small commercial and one revolutionary part. In the FSF where F stands for Freedom it's known that it's the hackers object to lift and change the unknowing and spontaneous struggle to an conscious and knowing struggle for totally free software. In the FSF the fork is not seen as something bad in it self. All the different the fork was good and needed to unite hackers on a base of freedom, just as the 8086 base get strength under Torvalds, just as AI-labbet get strength under RMS in the struggle against Freedom haters, just so will the net-based freedom movement get strength from the struggle against the commercial influence

ref: That we learn, we learn, that we learn from history * 3

That's why we wrote this song
When the freedom struggle started
and the scream wild propagation spontaneously came front
parts of the movements lead started to fall
and talk about more company friendly licenses
desk-hackers become afraid when the freedom fight sharpens


We read Knuth and RMS
and attacked the commercialists' reformism
we chose the unnerving struggles way
and unity on the hacker ethics base
we acted as hackers should act when
the struggle for freedom sharpens


Now as we become free from
the small commercialists that writes Open Source
hackers can start to build the movement
that is their historic object and [plict]
small commercialists and reformists can
never build the movement


the fork was something good
we get away of those that hindered
the movments non-commercial development
we stands stronger today than ever before
the movement is strengthened by the struggle against
fails from freedom

Other humor in the GNU Humor Collection.


The joke on this page was obtained from the FSF's email archives of the GNU Project.

The Free Software Foundation claims no copyright on this joke.


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